Presenting the History & Theology behind the American Founding

& the resulting Citizenship Duty all Christians have in the towns and nations where they live.
One cannot understand the full intent behind the American founding unless they understand the biblical principles that informed it.
“In “Rediscovering the American Covenant”, Mark explains the biblical principles behind the American founding directly from the Bible that informed our national covenant – the Declaration of Independence. This is information all Americans will benefit from as we wrestle between our founding principles and the far-left progressive alternative being pushed”
– Bill Federer
“The blending of Scripture and history is thorough yet very readable. Great for history students yet great for church groups, also. I will recommend it to groups of leaders across America, especially pastors, that God might reawaken His church for such a time as this.”
– Mark Beliles

Why another book on the American founding?

America is in decline because the modern church has ignored or downplayed the citizenship responsibility all Christians have in the communities and nations where they live.

If we are to be able to “live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness” as God desires for us (1 Tim 2:2), Christians must re-engage in the business of self-government. Why isn’t this happening?

The vast majority of Christian leaders say the American founding violated Romans 13, and that sincere believers should focus on evangelism versus politics. What is the biblical argument that justified separating from England? Is good governing at odds with evangelism? Who does God expect to establish law and order? And, what is needed to restore America to a God honoring nation? These questions have not been adequately answered – until now.

“Rediscovering the American Covenant” provides fresh light on biblical principles for civil government and the citizenship duty all Christians have in the communities in which they live. These principles are extracted empirically from the Bible, showing how they informed the actions of the founders in 1776, thus establishing our national covenant, the Declaration of Independence.

The simple, yet critical blueprint they followed is described – the same blueprint needed today to restore America’s founding principles. The book concludes with a call to action for Christians and the church, to rediscover the American covenant and fulfill the citizenship duty we have as Christians and honor the sacrifices so many made before us.

A roadmap makes this content actionable. All the opposing arguments aimed to undermine the American Covenant are addressed, some in fresh ways. Given the breadth of the material, full 2-page illustrations are used to set the tone for each chapter.

Additional illustrations draw the reader in and help connect concepts to the active citizenship duty Christians have. A 2-page theological monograph is also included, incorporating key governing principles.

The aim of this book is to present a thorough biblical argument for:

Active citizenship as a vital part of the Christian faith, which creates a platform for and enables evangelism.

How this duty informed the actions of the founders as they codified and declared our American national covenant.

Steps for Christians to re-engage politically today, to restore their local community and America to a God honoring nation.

Presenting the History & Theology behind the American Founding

& the resulting Citizenship Duty all Christians have in the towns and nations where they live.

About the author

Mark is originally from Pennsylvania and grew up in the Episcopal Church where he accepted Christ as a teenager. He attended Penn State University and met his wife, Charlene, in 1980. They married in 1983 and moved to northeast Pennsylvania a year later where Mark began his career in the private sector. While living there they helped start several independent Bible churches that continue today.

In 1987 Mark developed a mentoring relationship with an experienced pastor and spent several years studying Systematic Theology. He began a teaching ministry in the early 1990’s covering a variety of topics, and in the late 90’s became interested in Biblical aspects of the American founding.

Scheduling for speaking engagement or interview

Mark has a teaching series that complements the book and can be tailored for groups based on need.


‘Our purpose is to educate Christians on Biblical principles of liberty, rights, and justice, and the resulting Citizenship duty ALL Christians have to establish a just civil authority in the communities and nations where they live.’
Our culture is becoming increasingly hostile to the Christian faith and many in the church simply do not understand what the Bible has to say about liberty, rights, and government, and how this applies to the church today.


‘Our mission is to educate and equip Pastors and church leaders to train their congregations on these Biblical principles. We see this as a vital stewardship responsibility church leaders have which needs to be included as part of any robust discipleship program.’
We believe every Christian has a Citizenship Duty, and that there are Christians who God has equipped and have been called to serve in civil government. We see the church as responsible to train both the person called to serve, as well as the rest of their congregation in these Citizenship responsibilities.

About Defend American Liberty

We are a nondenominational ministry that believes all Christians should understand Biblical liberty and the principles for rights, justice and civil government. We believe the church should be impacting the culture, and that one important way to do this is through Christians engaging in public service or serving in civil government. The colonial Church believed this and played a crucial role in framing the vision for the American founding as a defender of individual liberty, enabling everyone to go on their own personal faith journey. For over 150 years, the Church understood and embraced their stewardship role to not only evangelize and train disciples, but also be the moral conscience for the country – especially civil government. Today, Christians and the Church are being told they have no place in the public square. Rather than stand and make the case for the benefits and superiority of Christian principles as foundation for the American blueprint, the Church has largely abandoned their responsibility as the ‘moral conscience’ for society and does not have a clear theological position on the role of Christians and government. The effects of this retreat have been devastating, but they are not irreversible.

We view government as an institution established by God which, when faithfully executed, provides for an orderly society where all men and women can go on their own personal faith journey. We believe God’s original intent was for every person to exercise their ‘liberty of conscience’ to freely chose or reject Him, unencumbered by either the State OR the Church. We are motivated by clear Biblical teaching on God’s principles for civil government as the protector of individual rights and guarantor of justice to all. These principles were described in the Old Testament and are still valid today. We acknowledge that many governments throughout history have misused this power (arguably most!), but that God still blesses those nations who seek to govern themselves applying these principles whether it is America or any other nation. We believe the original American blueprint, as described by the Declaration Of Independence and codified in the US Constitution, offers mankind the most individual liberty if faithfully executed. To accomplish this, all Americans need to understand these concepts and we need to pass them on to the next generation.

We will work with churches and other groups interested in a thorough and honest presentation on this topic. We will tailor a presentation to meet your educational needs, whether a single event or an educational series. Please contact us for more information.

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